Main Line Electric offers wiring, installs, repairs, maintenance, backup generators, and custom CAD plans in the Central Florida area

Electrical Wiring Installations

At Main Line Electrical, we transform the essence of Electrical Wiring and Installation services into a seamless network that harmonizes with the pulse of your home, coordinating interior and exterior lighting seamlessly with home automation. Whether we are rescuing and reorganizing existing wiring or implementing new, innovative systems, Main Line Electrical is your conduit to a future where connectivity meets excellence.

Electrical Service and Repairs

Main Line Electrical takes pride in ensuring the safety of your residence through meticulous Electrical Repairs & Service. We understand that electrical maintenance is not just a routine; it's a commitment to the uninterrupted flow of power that safely energizes your world.

Our approach goes beyond conventional practices, incorporating preventative repairs and as swift a service response as humanly possible. We tailor our services to each unique project, considering factors such as the age, usage patterns, and intricacies of your electrical system.

Scheduled assessments of outlets, surge protectors, generators, and lighting systems form the foundation of our electrical maintenance. At Main Line Electrical, standard care is elevated to ensure your space not only thrives, but does so sustainably.

Structured Electrical Wiring near Orlando area with Main Line Electrical
Main Line Electrical Installs and Programs Lutron Shades and Lighting

Lutron Lighting & Shades

“Illuminate” your lifestyle with Main Line Electrical's Lutron automated Lighting and Shade Control solutions. We go beyond conventional lighting and offer an experience that transcends mere illumination.

With the touch of a keypad, via your mobile device or the simplicity of an automated schedule, take command of lights and shades throughout your entire home. Main Line doesn't just provide solutions; we curate an environment where control exists right at your fingertips, regardless of your location.

Here at Main Line Electrical, we don't just illuminate; we illuminate “sustainably.” Lutron shading fabrics are crafted from sustainable materials, which also reflects our own dedication to environmental consciousness and energy savings.

Backup Generators

Main Line Electrical understands that in times of power outages, your home's critical systems could lose power for an indeterminant amount of time. That's why we offer Backup Generators ranging from 100 Amps to 1,000 Amps, ensuring that all our customers’ homes, regardless of size, can remain sufficiently powered.

Just like your car needs an oil change for optimal performance, generators require routine maintenance. Through our partnership with Genstar, our customers are offered preventive maintenance services designed to keep your generator in peak condition. It's more than just power; it's peace of mind.

Generac Generators Installation and Sales
CAD Plans for Electrical by Main Line Electrical in Orlando

CAD Plans Design

Architectural blueprints are meticulous schematics that illustrate the homeowner’s and architect’s vision. Ensure the accurate installation of your architectural vision with Main Line's Custom CAD Plans Design services.

Our CAD electrical drawings provide a visual illustration of circuits and electrical systems as well as the locations of lights, outlets, and other electrical components. More than mere illustrations, these plans become the language that communicates your electrical design and layout to those charged with implementing it.

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